Boulder Trail Running Routes in Colorado

If you think of the treadmill as your nemesis, and running on a proper track gives you the feeling of a caged hamster sweating it out on a wheel, then Colorado has the perfect solution for you, in the form of boulder trail running routes outside.

Boulder can be called the home to some of the most fastest and determined runners ever, as they don’t fear chasing any speed records or cruising up mountains multiple times in a day, or even participating in impromptu running races on any terrain.

So, be a badass runner and indulge in trail running in your favourite shoes. You could even walk or scramble when the mood strikes. But always keep lots of water, food, warm apparel and your cell and camera with you for capturing scenic photographs.

Think adventure and start running!

Mount Sanitas

This 3.1-mile loop is quite the rage with serious hikers and is ideal for beginner runners as well. It is an uphill climb which might leave you breathless in your first time, but the gorgeous views more than make up for it.

Mesa Trail

Rolling through lush meadows and the foothills of the Chatauqua Park, this trail is quite close to Boulder and has plenty of shade to protect you from the sun.